Korean Pantry Items

The hardest part of cooking ethnic cuisine is getting the right ingredients.
Although many items are available at most traditional grocery stores, some
are only available at their native stores.
Here is the good news about Korean pantry must haves.
They will last a long time.  So, the one trip you make to a Korean grocery store should last months.

Here are some essentials.
Dried Anchovy

Used very often to make soup and stew stocks.
Also to make side dish. 
Sauteed and mixed with soy sauce, sesame oil and sometimes hot pepper sauce.

Hot pepper powder
 Used to make Kimchi and everything else to make it spicy

Soy sauce and Sesame oil

Soy sauce is usually used instead of salt.
Sesame oil is used like fine olive oil.  A little goes a long way.


Korean's eat a lot of tofu.  Many varieties.  From silken soft to firm as well as flavored tofu.

Miso Paste

A must in the pantry.